Art of Education review of The Successful Artist’s Career Guide

Thanks to Amanda Heyn and Ian Sands at the art education blog Art of Education for their kind words about The Successful Artist’s Career Guide. I am a huge fan of the Art of Ed blog–it is chock full of … Continue reading

Freelancing as an Artist: Pros and Cons

Albrecht Dürer, Soldier on Horseback, 1498. Albertina Museum Wien, Vienna Freelancing as an Artist: Pros and Cons The word “freelance” was devised in the Middle Ages, to describe a soldier of fortune–a mercenary who hired out his fighting skills to … Continue reading

100 Things to Do with an Art Degree

If you have chosen to be an artist, there are essentially three ways to go about living a productive life and making your art at the same time. All three ways are completely valid. You can work at a job … Continue reading

Arts in Healthcare in Utah, Part 1: Huntsman Cancer Institute

  Last week, I had the pleasure of flying to beautiful Utah, to Salt Lake City. It was gorgeous there–the natives told me that if I was only there for the spring, I would really see something special–this was considered … Continue reading

Giant tie-dyed parachute for Cincinnati Ballet

A wonderful puzzle: a giant nylon parachute makes an undulating lake from which three witchy ladies rise up. Its not magical unless it looks like Sandra Woodall’s wonderful sketch for the Ladies of the Lake for The Cincinnati Ballet’s Camelot. … Continue reading

Happy New Year and the 2014 Artist’s and Graphic Designer’s Market

                  The Successful Artist’s Career Guide: Finding Your Way in the Business of Art is excerpted in the 2014 edition of The Artist’s and Graphic Designer’s Market! Along with a lot of … Continue reading

Successful Artist’s Career Guide: Summer Giveaway!

           is offering a summer giveaway of The Successful Artist’s Career Guide: Finding Your Way in the Business of Art (enter by midnight, Tuesday July 16, details at the end of this … Continue reading