Part 2: A Publication Party for TEA PARTY: A Color, Punch Out and Play Set

A Tea Party for Eighty–with Arts and Crafts, too! Not only did we have tea, scones, crustless sandwiches and other divine treats at the Publication Party for TEA PARTY, (See the last post for more details and a recipe for … Continue reading

Freelancing as an Artist: Pros and Cons

Albrecht Dürer, Soldier on Horseback, 1498. Albertina Museum Wien, Vienna Freelancing as an Artist: Pros and Cons The word “freelance” was devised in the Middle Ages, to describe a soldier of fortune–a mercenary who hired out his fighting skills to … Continue reading

Happy New Year and the 2014 Artist’s and Graphic Designer’s Market

                  The Successful Artist’s Career Guide: Finding Your Way in the Business of Art is excerpted in the 2014 edition of The Artist’s and Graphic Designer’s Market! Along with a lot of … Continue reading

Book Expo 2013 Part 1

                    Above is about half the swag I picked up at BEA 2013–and I was actively trying not to get stuff as I didn’t want to carry it all day! These … Continue reading

Right Brain Rockstar: Follow Your Inner Compass and Make a Living Doing What You Love

              An interview and review of The Successful Artist’s Career Guide on the wonderful site, Right Brain Rockstar! If you live in the US, UK or Canada, Dan Johnson of Right Brain Rockstar is … Continue reading