Giant tie-dyed parachute for Cincinnati Ballet

A wonderful puzzle: a giant nylon parachute makes an undulating lake from which three witchy ladies rise up. Its not magical unless it looks like Sandra Woodall’s wonderful sketch for the Ladies of the Lake for The Cincinnati Ballet’s Camelot. … Continue reading

Happy New Year and the 2014 Artist’s and Graphic Designer’s Market

                  The Successful Artist’s Career Guide: Finding Your Way in the Business of Art is excerpted in the 2014 edition of The Artist’s and Graphic Designer’s Market! Along with a lot of … Continue reading

Mixed Media Techniques for Art Journaling

                                    New from North Light Books: I just got my two copies of Mixed Media Techniques for Art Journaling in the mail from … Continue reading

Getting Comfortable with Roughs

Sometimes when we are drawing, we can get obsessed with the perfection of the thing we are doing, forgetting about the purpose of it. These tumbling rough drawings by Masters, made as preparatory sketches, or as studies, are often the … Continue reading

Right Brain Rockstar: Follow Your Inner Compass and Make a Living Doing What You Love

              An interview and review of The Successful Artist’s Career Guide on the wonderful site, Right Brain Rockstar! If you live in the US, UK or Canada, Dan Johnson of Right Brain Rockstar is … Continue reading

Last Chance: On Stages In Stages

On Stages In Stages Painting for the Theater from Parsons-Meares, LTD Closes April 30th! Fashion Institute ofTechnology Gladys Marcus Library, Entrance on the Fifth Floor Goodman Center (E Building) Please come to see three floors of costume painting samples from … Continue reading