CROWS: An Egg-to-Sky Story pubs July 2, 2024!

New from @Muddy Boots Books! And available to pre-order at Amazon!

“Heavy outlining and decorative borders give this detailed lifecycle story by Peot the feel of an illustrated manuscript. Each spread marks a stage of crow upbringing. Male crows court females, mates build nests together (lined with “soft grasses, moss, or fine bark strips”), and eggs are laid, warmed, and hatched (“Both parents clean and fluff the nest around the babies and make sure they are clean”). Unexpected crow trivia abounds: older siblings often return to help the parents care for chicks, and when fledglings land on the ground, crows work together to mob would-be predators. At last, fledglings fly and then roost, and the cycle begins anew. Two additional sections and a bibliography conclude this close-up view of intimate moments in a crow family’s life. Ages 6–9.” –Publishers Weekly

NEW STENCILS from StencilGirl! Woodpeckers, MORE Backyard Birds and Pawprints

Summer fun possibilities with three new stencils from @StencilGirl Products! Another set of nine backyard birds including the Baltimore Oriole, Eastern Twohee, catbird and white-breasted nuthatch. A set of woodpeckers from the gigantic Pileated Woodpecker to the tiny Downy Woodpecker, plus some pawprints to pad their way through your journal pages.


New Stencil from StencilGirl! Dandelions and Lilies

Dandelions and Lilies (L976), a new stencil from StencilGirl Products! Another in the Tall Flowers and Marsh Flowers series, the flowers are a little shorter and better for use on horizontal format journals. This stencil, like the others, refers to flower picking along the fence row–a pastime of my childhood.

New Stencils from StencilGirl Stencils! Featuring Marsh Flowers…

Six new stencils from @StencilGirl!

Queen Anne’s Lace, cornflower, black-eyed susans, thistles: all the flowers that grew in the fence row along the lane where I grew up in Ohio are represented in this stencil Marsh Flowers (L942):

Check out these stencils and more at the StencilGirl site!

New Stencils from StencilGirl! Featuring Woodland Creatures…

Six new stencils from @StencilGirl! These stencils are inspired by my childhood next to a wonderful pond and a giant swamp. My brother and I played there endlessly. There are flowers, creatures, and even some mushrooms!

To see these and other stencils I have designed, go to the StencilGirl site. Its fun to look around their site and see all the wonderful stencils and artists represented–its a great resource.

Here are cards made with the new Woodland Creatures stencils (L945 and L946):