New Stencils from StencilGirl Stencils! Featuring Marsh Flowers…

Six new stencils from @StencilGirl!

Queen Anne’s Lace, cornflower, black-eyed susans, thistles: all the flowers that grew in the fence row along the lane where I grew up in Ohio are represented in this stencil Marsh Flowers (L942):

Check out these stencils and more at the StencilGirl site!

New Stencils from StencilGirl! Featuring Woodland Creatures…

Six new stencils from @StencilGirl! These stencils are inspired by my childhood next to a wonderful pond and a giant swamp. My brother and I played there endlessly. There are flowers, creatures, and even some mushrooms!

To see these and other stencils I have designed, go to the StencilGirl site. Its fun to look around their site and see all the wonderful stencils and artists represented–its a great resource.

Here are cards made with the new Woodland Creatures stencils (L945 and L946):

New StencilGirl Stencils: Featuring Mushrooms…

Yay! New stencils from @StencilGirl! So excited to be making stuff with my new StencilGirl stencils. In this video, I make a weird mushroom/family page in my Moleskine watercolor landscape journal:

Thank you to Daniel Levy for the video!

To purchase the mushroom stencil or any of these six new stencils, go to the StencilGirl site. Look around while you are there–so many wonderful artists are represented.

New StencilGirl Stencils! Featuring Marsh Creatures…

I am excited to be working with @StencilGirl Products again to bring you six new stencils inspired by the the swamp next to my childhood home–a place of great mystery and magic. In this video (thank you again Daniel Levy!!), I demonstrate the stencil Marsh Creatures (L941) in a Moleskine watercolor landscape journal:

To see these six new stencils and more, go to StencilGirl!

New StencilGirl Stencils! Featuring the Sinuous Vine…

I am proud to once again have a whole new batch of stencils out from @StencilGirlProducts! There are six in this bunch of woodland, marsh and botanical inspired designs: Here’s a video (thanks, Daniel Levy!) where I demo Sinuous Vines (L944) in a larger landscape format Moleskine watercolor journal:

This stencil and more are available from StencilGirl.



Drawing on Sunday December 11, 2022 at 5:00 PM Eastern time. If I draw your name, I’ll send you a signed copy of THE SCIENCE OF LIGHT: Things That Shine, Flash and Glow!

Leave a comment below to enter to win a copy of THE SCIENCE OF LIGHT. No purchase necessary! You can write anything in the comments to be entered in the drawing, but it would be fun if you could tell me about a source of light that is linked to a wonderful experience for you: like seeing fireworks with your family, or toasting marshmallows at a beach bonfire, twinkling lights on a tree, the first firefly of summer…

To get you started, here’s one of mine: in Ohio, where I grew up, there were a lot of fireflies in the summer. When I looked out off the back porch, I could see them blinking in the grass, but they would also cluster in the trees, and the trees would gleam in the night.

Only one winner, and only US and Canadian entries, please!

A BOOK SIGNING this WEEKEND!! Saturday December 10 from 4:40-6:30 at Hudson Co-op

To celebrate the publication of my new book, The Science of Light, I’ll be signing books til they run out! Thanks to Hudson Co-op for hosting (Thanks Laura, Sue and Kat!) and to WordUp Community Bookshop for being the bookseller of note (thanks, Veronica!). There will be light related giveaway, a drawing for a copy of THE SCIENCE OF LIGHT: Things That Shine, Flash and Glow (Holiday House)

at Hudson Co-op, 817 W. 187th Street. Come say Hi!

THE SCIENCE OF LIGHT is an Orbis Pictus Honor Book!

THE SCIENCE OF LIGHT Things That Shine Flash and Glow (Holiday House) is an Orbis Pictus Honor Book! You can read more about the award here:

The 2023 gold winner is Blue: A History of the Color as Deep as the Sea and as Wide as the Sky by Nana Ekua Brew-Hammond and Daniel Minter. The four other Honor Books are Choosing Brave: How Mamie Till-Mobley and Emmet Till Sparked the Civil Rights Movement by Angela Joy and Janelle Washington, Fighting for Yes! The Story of Disability Rights Activist Judith Heumann by Maryann Cocca-Leffler and Vivian Mildenberger, Hardcourt, Stories from 75 Years of the National Basketball Association by Fred Bowen and James E. Ransome, and Seen and Unseen: What Dorothea Lange, Toyo Miyatake, and Ansel Adams’s Photographs Reveal About the Japanese American Incarceration by Elizabeth Partridge and Lauren Tamaki.

I am humbled to be in such amazing company.

The Orbis Pictus Awards are given each year by the NCTE, or The National Council of Teachers of English to honor the non-fiction books for children and their creators. Orbis Pictus refers to a book by Johannes Amos Comenius: Orbis Pictus: The World in Pictures, written in 1658 and thought to be the first children’s book–and a non-fiction one at that.


Resurgence: an Exhibit at the FIT Art and Design Gallery

I was so happy to be included in this show of amazing artisans at FIT’s Art and Design Gallery. Thank you to Nomi Kleinman for the invitation, and to Sally Ann Parsons, FIT, Sandra Woodall and The Cincinnati Ballet for lending us the costume. It was a wonderful journey.

Sandra Woodall’s wonderful design

Sally Ann Parsons and I set up the Knight on a mannequin in preparation for the exhibit.

Our Knight! In place at the exhibit!

Accompanying samples, photos and text about the collaborative process of making a painted costume.

Our Knight in good company…

Thank you to Sally Ann Parsons, Sandra Woodall and The Cincinnati Ballet for letting us borrow the costume!

Resurgence! An Exhibition of Artisans at FIT Art and Design Gallery

I was so thrilled to be included in RESURGENCE, an exhibition of artisans at The FIT Art and Design Gallery.  It was an exhibit of hand crafted objects including weaving, jewelry, millinery, leather craft, curated by Nomi Kleinman, chair of the Textile/Surface Design Department at FIT. My contribution was a knight from the Cincinnati Ballet’s King Arthur ballet–really a complete collaboration of artisans. Sandra Woodall was the costume designer. The costume was painted and felted by me, but draped and figured out and formed and stitched and finished by a whole group of talented artisans at Parsons-Meares, LTD, led by owner and artistic director there, Sally Ann Parsons.

Thanks to Sally Ann for encouraging me to get the whole costume for the show, and dressing the stand with me (not as squishy as a person so weirdly difficult). Thanks to the Cincinnati Ballet for so generously lending the costume. The students just loved looking at it.