CROWS: An Egg-to-Sky Story pubs July 2, 2024!

New from @Muddy Boots Books! And available to pre-order at Amazon!

“Heavy outlining and decorative borders give this detailed lifecycle story by Peot the feel of an illustrated manuscript. Each spread marks a stage of crow upbringing. Male crows court females, mates build nests together (lined with “soft grasses, moss, or fine bark strips”), and eggs are laid, warmed, and hatched (“Both parents clean and fluff the nest around the babies and make sure they are clean”). Unexpected crow trivia abounds: older siblings often return to help the parents care for chicks, and when fledglings land on the ground, crows work together to mob would-be predators. At last, fledglings fly and then roost, and the cycle begins anew. Two additional sections and a bibliography conclude this close-up view of intimate moments in a crow family’s life. Ages 6–9.” –Publishers Weekly

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