Showstoppers! Now Open til October 31!

The Costume Industry Coalition presents SHOWSTOPPERS an exhibit in Times Square celebrating the artisans, artists and craftspeople who bring the costumes of the theater to life: Please come to visit this amazing exhibit. It is detailed, moving, educational, and … Continue reading

Margaret Neilson Armstrong

Margaret Neilson Armstrong was an illustrator working around WW1. She was best known for designing book covers, and designed over 200 in the Art Nouveau style. She was considered to be one of the most accomplished and prolific book cover … Continue reading

Writing Process Blog Tour

My friend, the writer-illustrator Dana Sullivan (see his writing process blog tour post here: tagged me and another pal, writer-illustrator Kate Sullivan (her work here: to be a part of a writer’s process blog tour. Dana has a … Continue reading

Art of Education review of The Successful Artist’s Career Guide

Thanks to Amanda Heyn and Ian Sands at the art education blog Art of Education for their kind words about The Successful Artist’s Career Guide. I am a huge fan of the Art of Ed blog–it is chock full of … Continue reading

Freelancing as an Artist: Pros and Cons

Albrecht Dürer, Soldier on Horseback, 1498. Albertina Museum Wien, Vienna Freelancing as an Artist: Pros and Cons The word “freelance” was devised in the Middle Ages, to describe a soldier of fortune–a mercenary who hired out his fighting skills to … Continue reading

100 Things to Do with an Art Degree

If you have chosen to be an artist, there are essentially three ways to go about living a productive life and making your art at the same time. All three ways are completely valid. You can work at a job … Continue reading