100 Things to Do with an Art Degree


If you have chosen to be an artist, there are essentially three ways to go about living a productive life and making your art at the same time. All three ways are completely valid.

  1. You can work at a job that is wholly unrelated to art making, and schedule other times to work in your studio. Think of the poet and playwright T. S. Eliot, for example, who worked as a bank clerk for years while he wrote after hours. Some people believe their art is best served this way–undiluted.
  2. You can use your skills as an artist to do skilled work as an artist/artisan. For example, a friend of mine is a videographer and photographer in her studio, but works  for money as a graphic designer for a university. She puts her copious and precise visual skills to work for money and benefits, and does her studio work at other times. This works well for her, as most of her videographing happens in the evening and night. A lot of people who do this feel that the creative work they do for their job influences their studio work in a positive way.
  3. You can make 100% of your living, or a large portion, with your artwork alone. You can sell your prints or weavings, design costumes for the theater, paint portraits, illustrate books.

If you are an art major looking forward to graduation, you might have a great plan in place for what you will do when you graduate, or you might be wondering how in the world you will support yourself outside of the relative haven of school. Look at the following 100 art careers: Some you can begin now, without additional training, some might require some classes or additional continuing education, others will require an advanced degree. But all of them use the skills of artists.

If anything from this list interests you, set some time aside to spend researching it, and make a three step plan of beginning: What do you imagine would be the first three steps towards being a children’s book illustrator, for example? You will find the perfect fit for you. Good luck!

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Animal Portrait Artist

Animation Artist

Architectural Modelmaker

Art App Designer

Art Appraiser

Art Consultant

Art Critic

Art Director

Art Historian

Artist-in-Residence (healthcare)

Artist Blacksmith

Art Quilter

Art Restorer

Art Teacher

Art Therapist

Author, Drawing or Art Instructional Books

Book Artist


Book Illustrator

Book Jacket Designer

Botanical Illustrator


Car Design




Charge Painter, Theater

Children’s Book Illustrator

Clothing Designer

Color Consultant

Costume Designer

Costume Painter

Courtroom Sketch Artist


Craftsperson, Theater

Creativity Coach

Dinnerware Design



Exhibit Designer

Exhibition Designer

Fiber Artist

Forensic Artist

Furniture Designer

Furniture Painter

Glass Artist

Graphic Artist

Graphic Designer

Graphic Novelist

Greeting Card Designer

Icon Painter

Industrial Designer

Interior Designer



Letterpress Printmaker


Makeup Artist

Mask Maker

Medical Illustrator



Model Maker

Mosaic Artist


Museum Curator

Package Design

Package Designer

Parade Artisan/Designer



Photo Retouch Artist

Police Sketch Artist



Props Maker

Puppet maker

Rug Designer

Scenic Artist


Sign Painter

Stained Glass Artist

Stamp Designer

Stationery Designer

Stencil Designer

Stone Carver

T-shirt Designer

T-shirt Printer

Tapestry Artist

Tattoo Artist

Technical Drawing

Textile Designer

Theme Park Artisan

Toy Designer

Tromp L’ Oeil Painter

Wallpaper Silkscreener


Window Display Designer


Zoological Illustrator


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