Showstoppers! Now Open til October 31!

The Costume Industry Coalition presents SHOWSTOPPERS an exhibit in Times Square celebrating the artisans, artists and craftspeople who bring the costumes of the theater to life:

Please come to visit this amazing exhibit. It is detailed, moving, educational, and all proceeds from ticket sales goes to benefit the Costume Industry Coalition, founded to keep artisans afloat during the pandemic.

Polly Kinney working on beading for Aladdin–IN the exhibit!

Penn and Fletcher: Ernie shares his crewel embroidery machine from the 60s…

Hochi Asiatico’s amazing gutta painting

Me! In a film in the exhibit, painting a skirt from Moulin Rouge

More me, painting at Parsons-Meares, LTD

Kathleen Weddle working on a Skeletard for Phantom in a film in the exhibit

Me with a unitard I painted for Ringling Brothers

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