UTAH: Making Articulated Animals at Huntsman Cancer Institute

Ken Crossley at EngAGE Utah made it possible for me to come back to Utah and do a couple of workshops at¬†Huntsman Cancer Institute last week. These pictures were from Making Animal Friends, a workshop to make large articulated paper … Continue reading

A Stencil Craft guest post at girlichef.com

Heather at girlichef.com is hosting a guest post from me about stencil printing tea towels and clementine crates as holders for yummy food gifts! Check out her post and sign up for the Stencil Craft blog tour giveaway at: http://www.girlichef.com/2015/07/stencil-printed-tea-towels-culinary-gift.html#more … Continue reading

Stenciling a Tote with a Famous Face from Art History

For an online raffle for art educators, I wanted to create a stenciled tote with a face that they would all recognize. First, I found three famous, recognizable faces online that had a strong sense of light and shadow, Michelangelo’s … Continue reading

Building Up Texture with Stencils

  In celebration of my new book, Stencil Craft: Techniques for Art, Fashion and Home (Look Inside!¬†http://amzn.to/1K5rhJV), I am excited to share with you some ideas about the multiple uses for stencils: Beyond numbers on your mailbox! This beautiful sample … Continue reading