Stencil Demo! Scarab Beetles

Happy New Year! Let’s hope for a wonderful new year full of lots of art play, exploration and creativity! I got interested in making a stencil of scarab beetles when making inkblot beetle cabinets of curiosity. I made the beetle … Continue reading

Looping Leafy Vines STENCIL VIDEO!

Looping Leafy Vines! This new stencil from me and Stencil Girl Products is available at. This stencil is available, along with a wealth of other interesting stencils from myself and other artists from In this demo, learn how to add … Continue reading

VIDEO STENCIL DEMO: Bunnies, Birds and Blooms, Part 1 of 2

Today, all day starts StencilGirl’s Cyber Monday sale, happening Nov 27th through 29th! (Details below) My ten stencils are a part of this sale, as well as the entire StencilGirl catalog (just the stencils!). This is a stencil demo (Part 1 … Continue reading

Journaling at the Beach with my NEW StencilGirl Stencils (Part 5: Woodcut Blossoms)

Grand Manan, an island in the Bay of Fundy, is a perfect place for thinking: puttering and drawing, reading and writing, walking along the beach or hiking to beautiful vistas. Working in my watercolor paper Moleskine journal with my new stencils was … Continue reading

Journaling at the Beach with my NEW StencilGirl stencils! (Part 2: Looping, Leafy Vines)

Out of the ten stencils I designed for StencilGirl, I am finding that the Looping, Leafy Vines Background is the stealth super-useful stencil. Its good for laying in a background on a journal page, or for printing cheerful green vines … Continue reading