Journaling at the Beach with my NEW StencilGirl Stencils (Part 5: Woodcut Blossoms)

Beautiful view from Grand Manan’s Hay Point with the fog rolling in…

Grand Manan, an island in the Bay of Fundy, is a perfect place for thinking: puttering and drawing, reading and writing, walking along the beach or hiking to beautiful vistas. Working in my watercolor paper Moleskine journal with my new stencils was also a perfect fit! With these two stencils, Woodcut Blossoms Background and Woodcut Blossoms Background Inverted, I hoped to make a useful texture stencil that could be floral, mossy (check out the moss picture below!), undersea, a garden of black eyed Susans. To see these stencils from StencilGirl Products, the rest of the ten I designed for them, and all the wonderful products they have, go to :

Woodcut Blossoms Background and Woodcut Blossoms Background Inverted

In my art kit for Grand Manan, I took a pan of Sennelier watercolors, two brushes, blue tape and some pens and pencils.

After stenciling the Woodcut Blossoms Background, I added darks with the Inverted stencil to push the flower shapes forward.

Here’s the spread (and my pretty little workspace in our cabin): ready for collaging or writing…or maybe I will leave it just like this!

Check out this moss that we saw on one of our hikes–it looks completely like the inspiration for the Woodcut Blossoms Background–it wasn’t–but its amazingly similar!

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