Journaling at the Beach with my NEW StencilGirl stencils! (Part 2: Looping, Leafy Vines)

Out of the ten stencils I designed for StencilGirl, I am finding that the Looping, Leafy Vines Background is the stealth super-useful stencil. Its good for laying in a background on a journal page, or for printing cheerful green vines on a tea towel, as a beginning for an embroidery design, or for printing custom quilt fabric.

Close up of the 9 x 12 Looping, Leafy Vines Background (L563) stencil itself–StencilGirl makes wonderful stencils–crisp and perfect cutting on a durable stencil plastic.

First I sprayed through the stencil with Ranger Distress Inks, then painted through the vine stencil w watercolor and gouache. Finally, augmenting with ink and a silver Sharpie.

Thanks, StencilGirl, for the wonderful stencils! Check them all out at:


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