Journaling at the Beach with my new StencilGirl Stencils (Part 3: Impressionist Lilies and Textures)

The drive up through the northeast of the US is filled with bodies of water filled with water lilies–white and yellow and sometimes pink. This pair of stencils from StencilGirl is perfect for making painterly marks to paint a Monet’s Garden full of lilies and light. The stencils used in this post are:

L563 Impressionist Water Lily Background

L564 Impressionist Brush Textures (four)


The Impressionist Brush Textures (L564, on the right above) can be cut apart if you like, using folded masking tape or duct tape to make borders to hold on to, but they can be used not cut as well.

At the beach, as I said in previous beachy posts, I brought a tin of watercolor half pans, a tube of white gouache, two brushes, and a zip-loc bag of pens, pencils and markers. Here I am laying in some watercolor greens in the Water Lily Background stencil in my watercolor paper Moleskine sketchbook.

After laying in the greens and flower colors in the Impressionist Water Lily Background, I used the various Impressionist Brush Textures to add color and texture to the scene.

Here’s the finished page. In the “ditch” of the sketchbook, I painted green lily pad connectors–without the aid of stencils, and then spattered over the whole thing with light and dark greens too. I used white gouache mixed with a little watercolor to add highlights to the lily flowers.

Check out my ten new stencils at StencilGirl Products, and look around at all the other stencil designers, too. There’s some wonderful stuff there–I am in great company!



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