Alternative Art Journal Book Review and Giveaway

UK Artist Sue Bulmer has reviewed Alternative Art Journals on her blog: She says: “Alternative Art Journals provides you with ideas of ‘how’ to collect elements which inspire new ideas for your work. This section I really enjoyed as … Continue reading

Alternative Art Journals Book Giveaway!

                        Book Giveaway At Quinn Creative!                   Coptic Bound Sketchbook with Plexi cover and inkblot butterflies Quinn McDonald at Quinn Creative … Continue reading

A Fotomat booth employee, a famous racehorse trainer or an artist?

                    (a Fotomat booth, originally uploaded from Roadsidepictures from Livejournal (thank you!)) (I really, REALLY wanted to work in one when I was a child–that little sweet house, filled with little … Continue reading

Getting Comfortable with Roughs

Sometimes when we are drawing, we can get obsessed with the perfection of the thing we are doing, forgetting about the purpose of it. These tumbling rough drawings by Masters, made as preparatory sketches, or as studies, are often the … Continue reading