A Fotomat booth employee, a famous racehorse trainer or an artist?











(a Fotomat booth, originally uploaded from Roadsidepictures from Livejournal (thank you!))

(I really, REALLY wanted to work in one when I was a child–that little sweet house, filled with little things–a playhouse in the middle of the Kroger parking lot…)

In this video, recorded when I was in Cincinnati shooting two Alternative Art Journal how-to videos for Artist Network Television, Jamie Markle, publisher of North Light Books and I get a chance to talk: what brought me to New York (and then Cincinnati) and book publishing, what I hoped to be when I was a kid, and where I find inspiration. It was a fun interview. Jamie asked thought-provoking questions, and we laughed a lot.


Look for Margaret Peot’s art instruction videos at   http://.ArtistsNetwork.TV and http://.NorthLightShop.com.

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