Creative Aging Conference 2016 at The Creative Center at University Settlement


Where the inkblots go when the tables begin to overflow with them…

Robin Glazer invited me to participate in the 2016 Creative Aging conference at The Creative Center again this year, presenting the INKBLOT: DRIP, SPLAT AND SQUISH YOUR WAY TO CREATIVITY workshop, and we had such a good time. Inkblots are perfect for use with elder communities, or with multi-generational communities, because everyone can have a success with them, and everyone is an expert–from the five year old to the 95 year old. The participants made such beautiful things! First, the River of Inkblots, above. Then, we played the inkblot game:


The inkblots are pets in a pet store. Which one do you pick that might get along with your prized Persian cat Elvira? What is it?


The inkblots are designs for spaceships. Which one do you, the NASA representative, pick to carry crew and supplies to the new space colony?


The inkblots are circus acts auditioning for you, a circus impresario. What are the acts? Which one do you pick to be in your small traveling circus?


You and your tribe need to pick and image for the top of your totem pole. You need to pick something that is symbolic of all that you stand for. What do you pick? Why?

When the inkblots were dry, participants drew into them–outlining and coloring in what they saw in them. The time passed so quickly! Thanks again, Robin, for inviting me for a wonderful afternoon of dripping and splatting…

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