Drawing on Sunday December 11, 2022 at 5:00 PM Eastern time. If I draw your name, I’ll send you a signed copy of THE SCIENCE OF LIGHT: Things That Shine, Flash and Glow!

Leave a comment below to enter to win a copy of THE SCIENCE OF LIGHT. No purchase necessary! You can write anything in the comments to be entered in the drawing, but it would be fun if you could tell me about a source of light that is linked to a wonderful experience for you: like seeing fireworks with your family, or toasting marshmallows at a beach bonfire, twinkling lights on a tree, the first firefly of summer…

To get you started, here’s one of mine: in Ohio, where I grew up, there were a lot of fireflies in the summer. When I looked out off the back porch, I could see them blinking in the grass, but they would also cluster in the trees, and the trees would gleam in the night.

Only one winner, and only US and Canadian entries, please!


THE SCIENCE OF LIGHT Giveaway! — 12 Comments

  1. Summers in Ohio, many of the small towns would have their own local fireworks for July 4th, modest but nice. I could sometimes see (but not hear) fireworks displays that were 8 or 10 miles away, silent bright flowers that bloomed on the dark horizon.

  2. My grandson was only a year plus change old when he saw a production of The Nutcracker. His enchantment at being in the audience watching and hearing the magic made his eyes light up! Even in the photograph from that day,I see the light in his whole face!

  3. I love your previous kid book that I read to our grandkids and look forward to this one too. I love the light in the sky at dusk in my backyard. I can see shades of blue, pink, purple and orange in the sky behind the black silhouette of trees and branches.

  4. My SCUBA flashlight let me See a very different collection of plants and creatures on my first night dive in the Caribbean. I played with a curious little octopus! That was about 30 years ago and I will never forget it.

  5. Always wanted to see the Northern Lights and got to do so when traveled to Iceland in February- yes February, a few years back. I traveled with three girlfriends. A bonus was my girlfriends got to meet my Icelander family who have remained living in Iceland- who I had only been able to visit with once before. We had a delicious home cooked meal- and got to experience the adventure of seeing the Northern Lights.

  6. My favorite source of light memory is the first Christmas with my husband in our little apartment. We had a small 4-foot flocked Tree. After we put the Christmas lights on it, we turned off the lights and turned on the Christmas tree lights only. It was so mesmerizing! I still love to watch the lights on the tree.

  7. I used to (and secretly still do) love to put one end of a long dry twig in our campfire until it was a bright orange ember. Then I’d pull it out of the fire and write and doodle on the black night sky with my glowing “pen”. The faster I made loops and zigzags with my fire stick, the more glowing trails I could see in the inky dark night sky. It was magical!!
    (Your book looks magical too!)

  8. So many wonderful memories of special lights ! Fireflies in Downtown Brooklyn by the fountain in front of Boro Hall ! The lights on the shore when my grandpa would take us for a nighttime boat ride around the bay. Maybe my favorite is the lights on the GW bridge that I could see from my bedroom when I lived in Hudson Heights !

  9. A long time ago, camping out in the country in Minnesota and seeing the Northern Lights, not knowing what they were.

  10. Congratulations to Missy Terry Bucher who won!! I am so excited to be sending a book to a Bethel HS (and grade school, and middle school) alum!