Sadie and the Fairy House

Last weekend, I visited with my friend and neighbor Sadie to check out the coloring she and her grandmother did on her Fairy House: A Color, Punch Out and Play Set. They did a great job! And had lots of good ideas. I especially like this–that they perched the bird on the top of the playset:

Bird perched on top of playset instead of on its stand, which I think is an excellent plan!

The colored the bird on top of the roof in this shot to look like it was related to the “bird friend.”

Sadie uses the tablecloth as a sleeping bag for one of the fairies who prefers to sleep outside in the fairy atelier.


The fairy house gets a lot of use. Sadie and her grandmother get it out and play with it often, imagining different scenarios and stories for the fairies to be involved in.

And finally, the paper fairies and furniture get put away for another day.

To purchase your own copy of Fairy House: A Color, Punch Out and Play Set, go to Amazon or Barnes and Noble.

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