I am sure that there are fairies in the woods and Borrowers under the stairs. Rabbits, squirrels and birds must certainly have secret lives we know nothing about, complete with clothes and bedroom furniture. Aren’t you? Every time I pass an intriguing hole in a tree trunk, or a mouse hole in the wainscoting of an old house, I imagine entire tiny worlds hidden from view.

Like the first Let’s Color Together book, this coloring book is designed in the hopes that you will find a coloring companion to spend some time with. On each spread of the book, there are two versions of one design. Sometimes one is more complex than another, sometimes character or detail from one design is enlarged on the accompanying page. In Secret Worlds, sometimes the tiny dwelling will be on one page and the interior of the dwelling will be on the facing page.

I just got a box of LET’S COLOR TOGETHER: SECRET WORLDS from my publisher and could not be more thrilled. The cover colors are creamy and pretty, the interior pages smooth and sturdy and inviting. They even SMELL good–that new book smell.

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LET’S COLOR TOGETHER: SECRET WORLDS is available to purchase from the following booksellers:


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