Drawing Water

I have been working on a children’s book about a time when the pond that I grew up next to dried up in a drought. And so I have been looking at a lot of pictures of how people draw water. Fortunately, before the pandemic closed all the museums, I got to see the retrospective exhibition of the work of the artist Vija Celmins at the Met Breuer. This is an example of her work, graphite on paper, mounted on canvas:

An example of the work of Vija Celmins, a picture I took at the Met Breuer exhibit which was a KNOCKOUT

And I have been looking at how people draw water in cartoons (thanks again to Josh Bayer’s wonderful tutelage)–really a fantastic world of creating the illusion of things in black and white that I never really focused on before. And while I cannot hold a candle to Ms Celmins’ work, I have been having fun trying to make the illusion of water with my pen:

Above and below the waves:





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