StencilGirl STENCIL SALE! July 6-7-8 only

Go to to see all the stencils designed by their collective of wonderful stencil artists. And to see my stencils, click to find beetles and dragonflies, bunnies and birds, spring flora and more!   … Continue reading

Fairy Houses

In honor of Spring and all of her much welcome wonderfulness, Here’s some pictures of some fairy houses I have found around and about: Check out these two Fairy Realty books: From Pomegranate Books: FAIRY HOUSE: A Color, Punch Out and … Continue reading

Stencil Demo! Scarab Beetles

Happy New Year! Let’s hope for a wonderful new year full of lots of art play, exploration and creativity! I got interested in making a stencil of scarab beetles when making inkblot beetle cabinets of curiosity. I made the beetle … Continue reading

Monet’s Water Lilies Inspire a Stencil Design

Happy Holidays! Hope you all have some time to sneak away from family and holiday obligations to putter a little in the studio… This stencil from StencilGirl Products was inspired by Monet’s Waterlilies–that wonderful one in the Museum of Modern … Continue reading

Looping Leafy Vines STENCIL VIDEO!

Looping Leafy Vines! This new stencil from me and Stencil Girl Products is available at. This stencil is available, along with a wealth of other interesting stencils from myself and other artists from In this demo, learn how to add … Continue reading

Journaling at the Beach with my NEW StencilGirl Stencils (Part 5: Woodcut Blossoms)

Grand Manan, an island in the Bay of Fundy, is a perfect place for thinking: puttering and drawing, reading and writing, walking along the beach or hiking to beautiful vistas. Working in my watercolor paper Moleskine journal with my new stencils was … Continue reading

Journaling with my NEW StencilGirl Stencils at the Beach! (Part 4: Scarab Beetles and Dragonflies)

I have always been interested in bugs. I’ll admit it. I think they are wonderfully beautiful, with some notable exceptions. One of the most satisfying picture books I own is a tiny one full of jewel-like insects called “An Inordinate … Continue reading

Journaling at the Beach with my new StencilGirl Stencils (Part 3: Impressionist Lilies and Textures)

The drive up through the northeast of the US is filled with bodies of water filled with water lilies–white and yellow and sometimes pink. This pair of stencils from StencilGirl is perfect for making painterly marks to paint a Monet’s … Continue reading