The Importance of the Studio in a Global Pandemic

This unprecedented pandemic has made our interior spaces really important. I have been so grateful that my studio is now in my home. If my studio was still on Warren Street or Vestry Street, I would not have gotten to go there very much after everything shut down in March. So here is where I have spent hours and hours in the past months–and it has been really fun, I will admit. But only when I can forget about everything else that’s going on outside the window. Lots of time I can work all day and escape totally, and sometimes I haven’t done anything and wonder where the time has gone.

The studio space where I paint costumes in LIC, for the costume shop Parsons-Meares, LTD, is getting a start back, too. Everyone is careful about masks and social distancing. Here’s the paint room, and Mary, Ginny and I mixing colors for some Nutcracker flowers we get to paint for the Colorado Ballet (thank goodness!):


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