Summer in the Bay of Fundy

Daniel at Southern Head

A photo journal of our annual trip to Grand Manan. It took awhile to unwind, and remember that I like to putter and walk and fiddle around, to draw and write. There was some extremely beautiful scenery, we saw seals and whales, crows and ravens, an eagle, bees and flowers, a deer and a night heron, striding across the street at dusk, looking antediluvian and somehow self-conscious.

And, there were the tiny white bunnies. If I hadn’t taken a picture, and been with my son, I would tell you that I imagined them. They were albino offspring of a snowshoe hare. Six, quite small, insanely appealing!

My studio in our cabin: I did some inkblotting, and my ongoing meditation on circles and crows and breathing…   




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