Society for Illustrators Annual Best of Kids Books Illustration

Sue and I took our annual trip to 63 and Lexington to the Society for Illustrators Annual Best of Children’s Books Illustration. It is always inspiring! Thankfully, the artwork was the Real Thing–last year it was all printed and framed by the Society because of Covid. There were still no books to sit and look at, but seeing the artwork in all its luscious glory was *almost* enough. It was especially cool to see my colleagues’ (we share a wonderful agent, Anna Olswanger) work–Yevgenia Nayberg’s Mona Lisa in New York and Kunal Kundu’s Wildlife on Paper: Animals at Risk Around the World.

Here are some more of my favorite ones. The Tiffany Bozic one with the tromp l’oeil painting might be my very top fave. Dang. Check these out:

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