Rives BFK

Rives BFK is my favorite go-to paper for every purpose. It is has a gorgeous, buttery surface, it is a wonderful printmaking paper, accommodating relief (in a press) as well as intaglio. I love to draw on it, with pencil and especially India ink. You can thoroughly soak it, and it doesn’t alter the surface at all. The watermark is lovely and simple as is the deckle. I bind it into coptic-style sketchbooks, for art journalling, and use it for all my illustrating. It makes the most fantastic, monumental inkblots. I should work for the company giving testimonials!

But the coolest thing, I just found out, is that I can cut it to size and run it through my HP Photosmart printer!

Rives BFK is getting more and more expensive, but I have found a source for it at Lenzarts, where you can buy (as of 9-14-12) one hundred sheets for $214.97. They ship it well, in a box with an inner box so that the corners don’t arrive dinged. Cool.


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