Resurgence! An Exhibition of Artisans at FIT Art and Design Gallery

I was so thrilled to be included in RESURGENCE, an exhibition of artisans at The FIT Art and Design Gallery.  It was an exhibit of hand crafted objects including weaving, jewelry, millinery, leather craft, curated by Nomi Kleinman, chair of the Textile/Surface Design Department at FIT. My contribution was a knight from the Cincinnati Ballet’s King Arthur ballet–really a complete collaboration of artisans. Sandra Woodall was the costume designer. The costume was painted and felted by me, but draped and figured out and formed and stitched and finished by a whole group of talented artisans at Parsons-Meares, LTD, led by owner and artistic director there, Sally Ann Parsons.

Thanks to Sally Ann for encouraging me to get the whole costume for the show, and dressing the stand with me (not as squishy as a person so weirdly difficult). Thanks to the Cincinnati Ballet for so generously lending the costume. The students just loved looking at it.

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