Pop-Up Art from Vojtech Kubasta

At the Grolier Club in Manhattan, there is a terrific show of Pop-Ups by the Czech artist Vojtech Kubasta. This small show closes on March 15th, and is worth the trip to East 60th street in Manhattan. The pop-ups are magical–some are stand alone, to explore with your eyes, and one included figures who could roam through a pop-up jungle.



































Pop-Up Art from Vojtech Kubasta — 2 Comments

  1. The ships are absolutely amazing! I found you through researching Margaret Peot. I am reading her book “The Successful Artist’s Career Guide, Finding Your Way in the Business of Art.” I am finding it to be very inspiring!

    • Hi Patsy! I am thrilled that you are finding my book, “The Successful Artist’s Career Guide,” useful. Thanks for writing!