New Workshop DVDs from Artists Network TV and North Light Books

Alternative Art Journals with Margaret Peot and Alternative Art Cards with Margaret Peot

These two new DVDs are workshops on disks–step outside the traditional ways to make a mark and start being creative on a daily basis. Art Cards shows how to make a portable card deck journal, and details such techniques as stenciling, gouache resist, aging and stamp carving. Art Journaling shows how to journal in new ways: whether you enjoy sketching mementoes of the everyday, inventing stories of strangers in vintage photos, or collecting a series of daily doodles and ephemera, you will find inspiration as you work along with Margaret.

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New Workshop DVDs from Artists Network TV and North Light Books — 2 Comments

  1. Hi Margaret,
    Just a note to thank you for your inspiring workshops on alternative journaling! I was in the dollar store holding a plastic shoebox today saying to myself ” What do I need this for?”and kicked myself for not purchasing it, as i watched your 2 workshops this evening and realised that I’m a weekly shoebox journalist. My bedside drawer, my desk drawer, my kitchen drawer,my cork boards ( you get the picture?) are filled with emphemera! I realised after watching your workshops why I have bought so many journals over the years and they remain unused on my shelves. I love to do little ATC size paintings but didn’t want to put them in a ‘huge book’ where I would never see them again so a charm ring for them, a proper journal for me ( handmade watercolour paper inspired by yours and also by Seth Apters workshop), and a little less ‘have to’ and a lot more fun. Again thank you so much
    Kind regards
    Mrs Derryn E. Hahn (Sydney Australia) Ps. If you havent seen it yet, there is a great ‘wall-journalling’ wallpaper from Graham and Brown(NY) it’s covered with all different size b&w frames that you can draw into stick things in etcetc, that they market as kids wallpaper but it will be nourishing my inner child and going up on my studio wall asap 😉

    • Hi Derryn,
      I am so happy to hear from you and also about the wall journaling paper–that is a very neat idea, and perfect for a non-traditional journaler. I like your idea of “a little less have to, and a lot more fun,” thank you. As a shoebox journalist, you will appreciate this idea, too–I have been recently collecting more and more 3D things. Sometimes I draw them in sketchbooks, but recently I have been collecting them in 2″ deep shadow boxes as Cabinets of Curiosity.

      Thanks for your post!