Let’s Color Together in 2016

Doesn’t that sound fun?


Here’s the origin story for this book:

After getting inspired by the wealth of gorgeous coloring books I saw at the Book Expo in the spring, I designed some coloring pages, and asked some neighborhood chums if they wanted to get together and have a coloring party–some wine and cheese, with coloring and fun conversations. All of the women I asked are moms with young kids, and all of them asked if they could bring their kids to color, too–they would bake cookies, bring some juice, would that be okay?

I realized that there was a gap in the marketplace. How could a mom sit down and color in one of the fabulous new coloring books for adults out there, and expect her kid to be content to color their same-ol’ coloring book from the drug store?

My wonderful agent, Anna Olswanger, found a home for Let’s Color Together: A Shareable Coloring Book for Parents and Kids at Sourcebooks, with editor Anna Michels. The folks at Sourcebooks conceived of the idea of putting the coloring page pairs I designed face to face, so that you could sit at a table with a coloring friend, facing each other, to color. Fun! It is going to be published in April, and is available to preorder from Amazon now:

Pre-Order Let’s Color Together!


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