Crow Gets Around!

NEWS_Crow_Made_a_Friend_72This has been a wonderful year for Crow and Crow’s story of making friends in CROW MADE A FRIEND. Daniel made a really cute video for me, featuring our talented friend Jay Douglas as the voice of Crow, and the wonderful music of Lunasa Thanks, Daniel!!


And, Crow received a starred review, and then was listed as one of the Best Children’s Books of 2015 by Kirkus Review! Click here to see the complete list. I am honored to be included with these books:

And today, the beautiful and talented Brittany Mitchell at Holiday House informed me that Crow Made a Friend is an Honorable Mention under “Best Friendship”. Below is the full link for the article.

And if that wasn’t nice enough, Holiday House is using an image from Crow Made a Friend as their email holiday greeting:



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