Another Hudson Co-op Pop Up Spot for June and July!

The dates are not totally set in stone yet, but the shop will certainly be open after June 17th, Til probably July 15th. I am honored to be a part of this grand experiment! This incarnation of the Hudson Co-op will be in the Gideon’s Bakery spot on 187th Street (in Manhattan). There will be handcrafted items, scented oils, jewelry, toffee (I think) a BAKERY (for sure) with sweets and Daily-type Bread like baguettes (I will be there for my daily bread!). I will have a selection of books and paper toys there, and coloring books, of course. Lots of gifting items! Thanks to Sue, Erin and Laura for making this happen. It is exactly what we need now: locally sourced fun:

Laura working hard on getting the Gideon’s space ready for Hudson Co-op customers…what a great wall color choice, chicas!

Here’s what I will have available to buy there. Fun!:

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