Stencil Craft

StencilCraft_cStencil Craft: Techniques for Fashion, Art and Home
I have always wanted to write a book on stencil craft. In my work as a costume painter for Broadway Theater, we use stencils for so many things—to make a surface rich with texture, to enliven a plain fabric, to add creature texture such as feathers, fur, or scales, or to add decorative imagery. Stencils can look boldly graphic, soft and atmospheric, or make marks that are almost photographic. They are incredibly versatile (beyond stenciled letters for the mailbox!), and I want to share them with readers.
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Inside Stencil Craft:
14 step-by-step demonstrations—from Day of the Dead messenger bags, to faux stone tile floor cloths, to full landscape paintings
Exciting new products, techniques and special effects
Expert tips–from which fabric paints to use for best results, to how to achieve crisp impressions with even the most delicate stencils

Stencil Craft: Techniques for Fashion, Art and Home is filled with stenciling techniques. From cutting stencils from various materials with scissors, craft knives, or stencil burners, and then painting through them with brushes, natural sponges, spatter and spray, we will explore a full range of stencil possibilities. In this book we will paint on fabric, wood, linoleum, and paper for fashion, interior design and crafting. The stencils that we cut and collect in the book will be the beginning of a stencil library—a collection of stencils that can be used for future projects and stencil compositions. Stencil Craft will show readers how to expand on these techniques to paint stencil portraits, totes, aprons, ornate borders, tablecloths and tea towels, pillows, a floor cloth, stationery, wrapping paper and much more.