Workshops and School Visits


“I was thrilled with the whole experience on Friday! You do such wonderful work, and I was so touched by how engrossed the kids were…I think they have so little experience with art because they don’t get to explore it at home, or at school.”

-Julie McGarvey at Operation Exodus

“Their observational skills have greatly improved since the beginning of the year, largely in part to these Inkblot studies. Transforming abstract blobs is challenging even for some adults, thus challenging our 4 and 5 year olds to do it really sparked their imagination and ability to appreciate subtle details. We can’t thank you enough.”

-Natasha Bassill, Aspirations School, Carlsbad, CA

“Working with Margaret year after year has made our training program better, stronger and definitely more fun than we ever imagined! Learning new techniques while having a blast is exactly the pedagogy we are aiming for…Margaret GETS IT!”

-Robin Glazer, Director, The Creative Center at University Settlement

Quotes from participants at Creative Aging Training at The Creative Center:

“We needed that! Fun, energetic, beautiful- Margaret is terrific!”

“Good marriage of control and serendipity.”

“FUN FUN FUN and FREEING! Inventive and open-ended, which is great for both kids and older adults instead of “pre-fab” projects!”



This workshop is inspired by lonely Crow making a stick friend and a snow friend in the early reader picture book CROW MADE A FRIEND. Participants will make various friends to take home, including a paper doll, a little clay and feather bird and a paper bag nest.

(ages 3-9)

INKBLOT! Drip, Splat and Squish Your Way to Creativity

Participants will Drip, Splat and Squish ink (or washable tempera) to make inkblots, play looking and seeing games, draw into their blots. If the class is to be held in a library or another setting where neatness is of the essence, pre-made inkblots will be provided. This can be a one-time workshop, or an extended multiple-visit workshop, where participants make further art with their inkblots, such as masks, insects and flowers in specimen cases, theater characters and more.

(This class works well for any age group, from children to elders, parent and child groups, teachers and other professionals)


For kids who are just learning that picture books are not drawn one by one, but drawn once and printed, this is an eye opening workshop! The class works together to write and illustrate a book, with guidance from Margaret and the classroom teacher. Margaret takes the illustrations and story and sends a pdf back to the classroom for the teacher to print out and share with the children: their own book, that they wrote.

(ages 4-8)