Paper Dolls

If I had my druthers, I would make paper dolls all day—and sometimes I do anyway, and the dinner goes uncooked, emails unanswered, “more important” work pushed to the edges of my studio work table while I cut out new animal paper dolls and design and color outfits for them. They are a funny amalgam of all that I love to do. Coloring doll clothes is a lot like painting costumes, and I like to make up stories about them as I work, which is a lot like writing.

The paper dolls are all jointed at this time, though I may make some simpler ones that are not. They are digitally printed on acid free Rives BFK, a heavy weight, cotton mold-made paper from France, as I haven’t been able to find a commercial printer that prints on paper that pleases me more–YET. Brads are included with all of the jointed paper dolls. The clothes are printed on an 80 lb sulfite matte drawing paper. Welcome to my paper doll world!