List of Shows

Designer: Gregg Barnes
Theater/Venue – Broadway
Parsons-Meares, LTD
The Marketplace, various
The Nutcracker
Designer: Martin Pakledinaz
Produced by – San Francisco Ballet
Parsons-Meares, LTD
Drosselmeyer’s cape and vest.
The Nutcracker
Designer: Sandra Woodall
Produced by – Nevada Ballet
Parsons-Meares, LTD
Drosselmeyer, Snow King, The Nutcracker Prince, various Snowflakes.
King Arthur
Designer: Sandra Woodall
Produced by – Cincinnati Ballet
Parsons-Meares, LTD
King Arthur, various knights, Merlin
Bette Midler, various shows
Designers: Bob Demora, Constance Hoffman
Theater/Venue – Las Vegas, tours
Parsons-Meares, LTD
I have painted Bette’s mermaid tails for Delores Delago for the past 25 years.
Big Apple Circus
Designer: Merena Rada
Parsons-Meares, LTD
various costumes
Will Rogers Follies
Designer: Willa Kim
Theater/Venue – Broadway
various costumes
Siegfried and Roy Live at the Mirage Hotel
Designers: W.I. Long, J. Napier, Frank Krenz
Theater/Venue – Las Vegas, the Mirage Hotel
Parsons-Meares, LTD
Creature and Flower chorus, Acolytes, S and R Night Sky Capes
Ringling Brothers, Barnum and Bailey Circus
Many different years
Designers include: Frank Krenz, Ann Hould ward and others
 Parsons-Meares, LTD
various shows and costumes
David Byrne Concert Tour
Designer: Adele Lutz
The flame suit
Bram Stoker’s Dracula
Designer: Eiko Ishioka
Theater/Venue – film
Parsons-Meares, LTD
lace design for the wedding dress headdress, artwork for negligee embroidery
The Lion King
Designer: Julie Taymor
Theater/Venue – Broadway, Tours, Las Vegas
Parsons-Meares, LTD
Warthog Trickster, various Jungle scene characters: nude body suits with body painting, tie-dyed fans, singing hyenas, and the Anthill Lady
Designer: Susan Hilferty
Theater/Venue – Broadway and Tours
Parsons-Meares, LTD:
Flying Monkeys
Designer: Tim Hatley
Theater/Venue – Broadway and Tours
Parsons-Meares, LTD
The Knights of Ni
The Little Mermaid
Designer: Tatiana Noginova
Theater/Venue – Broadway
Parsons-Meares, LTD
Ursula, various birds
Mary Poppins
Designer: Bob Crowley
Theater/Venue – Broadway and tours
Parsons-Meares, LTD
painted bronze water nymph statues
Shrek the Musical
Tim Hatley, designer
Theater/Venue – Broadway and tour
Parsons-Meares, LTD
woodgrained liederhosen, shirt, unitard, pants, shoes for Pinocchio, The Dragonettes, the dancing Skeletons
Spiderman: Turn Off the Dark
Designer: Eiko Ishioka
Theater/Venue – Broadway and Tours
Parsons-Meares, LTD
Kraven, Swiss Miss, The exploding Miss Metrocard

The Rockettes Christmas Spectaular, the Nativity Scene
Fences, Broadway
The Tempest, Shakespeare in the Park
The Green Bird
Peter and the Wolf, ABT
Sleeping Beauty, ABT
Evo, Feld Ballet
Paper Tiger, Feld Ballet
Skara Brae, Feld Ballet
Buskers Alley, Louisville
Frozen, Feld Entertainment Ice Show
Finding Nemo Feld Entertainment Ice Show
Toy Story on Ice, 1 and 2, Feld Entertainment Ice Show
All Shook Up, Broadway
David Copperfield, Broadway
The Little Mermaid, Broadway
Starlight Express on Ice, Feld Entertainment Ice Show
The Wizard of Oz on Ice, Feld Entertainment Ice Show
Lucas Live Adventure, arena show
Marvel Universe Live, arena show
Victor Victoria
Phantom of the Opera
Mulan Parade, Disneyworld
Millenium Parade, Disneyworld and Disneyland
Trip of Love
Once Upon a Mattress
Joseph and the Technicolor Dreamcoat
Noche Tropicale
Hot Mikado
Kiss of the Spiderwoman
Ain’t Misbehavin’
Scarlet Pimpernel
Dance of the Vampires

And many, many more. I wish I had kept a list all the way along…