Alternative Art Journals

AlternativeArtJournals_400wAlternative Art Journals: Explore Innovative Approaches to Collecting Your Creativity
(F&W Media, 2012)
Art Journaling is a fun way to collect and celebrate your creative thoughts and inspirations. Driven by the concept that we are all inspired in different ways, this book will show how to create unique journals.
Will your journal take the form of a clothesline strung with images or ideas? A faux family album, inspired by old, anonymous photos? A box filled with dfound treasures? Open this book and dive into possibilities!

Chapters include:
1. Traditional Sketchbooks
2. Shoebox Weeks
3. Card Set Journals
4. Landscape Art Journals
5. Correspondence Art Journals
6. Box Art Journals
7. Faux Family Album Art Journals
8. Tag and Charm Art Journals

Quinn McDonald of Quinn Creative says:
“Right up front, I have to say I am a sucker for books that encourage people to bring out their inner artist, give ‘em a  handful of art supplies and then let them feel successful with simple instructions that work well. And this is a book that does that. I love the breath of “simple” here.”
Michelle Reuss of Lost Coast Post says:
“…let me just say that I love this book! I also need to say that even in the glut of art technique books on the market, I think there are few geared towards advanced art journalers.  Personally, I’m not interested in shallow eye candy books or books that trudge through oft-trudged material (i.e. how to use an old credit card to create backgrounds.) I am looking for books that challenge me, that offer a different approach.”

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